Designed in the Imperial Style with panoramic views and sights, our restaurant gratifies your appetite with over the top cuisines. Enjoy some of the best meals from our menu featuring regional lip-smacking recipes including Rajasthani, Punjabi, South-Indian, Gujarati, Italian and other snacks, served with fine quality. Revitalize your senses with the captivating surroundings and discover the wonderful sensation of being at Shaam-e-treat…Because we pledge to make every meal of our guests memorable here.

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  • Got highly impressed with the level of comfort and services of this hotel. The standard room of the hotel was simply at its best. It was equipped with various facilities. I especially enjoyed the historic view of the valley from the balcony. Lastly, the food served in its restaurant was highly satisfying. They truly deserve thumbs up from my side.

    Manish Shewaramani, 2014

  • A homely accommodation surrounded with a beautiful valley makes the vacation truly memorable. That’s what Shaam-e-Retreat is all about. The ever lasting taste of the food from its banquet, the peaceful silence and immaculate services just made my holidays unforgettable. I would again look forward to visit them next time.!

    SANKET VIRANI , 2014

  • An incredible hotel with outstanding facilities!! The stunning location as well as the cleanliness maintained in the hotel makes it truly compelling. I really felt comfortable and convenient during my stay. Thanks to the supporting staff.