Sight Scenes

If you wish to venture off the eternal beauty of Kumbhalgarh, Shaam-e-retreat team will guide so you can explore the surroundings, historic forts and resorts without any hassles:


Kumbhalgarh Fort:

Kumbhalgarh Fort Kumbalgarh fort is among the renowned attraction of Rajasthan tourisms. Here you can experience the preserved cultural and historical legacies of Mewar rulers along with the sprinkled attractions of 360 temples, gardens and 700 cannon bunkers. The fort is fortified with 36 km long thick wall which is claimed to be the second largest wall after Great Wall of China.


Among the array of old places within the fort, the highest of all is the Badal Mahal, which offers magnificent view of the countryside.  It was built by Rana Fateh Singh in the 19th century that has beautiful apartments painted with pastel-colored murals.

Rajsamand Lake:

Rajsamand LakeSurrounded by the verdant gardens, Rajsamand Lake is one of the five popular lakes of Mewar. It was built by Maharana Raj Singh in 1660, which is approximately 1.75 miles (2.84 km) wide, 4 miles (6.4 km) long and 60 feet (18 m) deep.

On the southern end of the Rajsamand Lake, a huge embankment is composed of white marble with terraces and stone steps that touch the waters of the lake. Also, located here are the five toranas (weighing archs), where Maharana Raj Singh and his

descendants organized the annual event of Tuladan (kings used to weigh themselves against gold to distribute it amongst the Brahmans).

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary:

four-horned antelopesBroadening across the Aravalli range, Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary covers the parts of Rajsamand, Udaipur, and Pali districts, ranging from 500 to 1,300 meters (1,600 to 4,300 ft) altitude. Its population includes sloth bears, four-horned antelopes, panthers, wolves, bred crocodiles, besides migratory birds during winters.


Light and Sound show:

Sound-and-Light-ShowEarly black, Kumbhalgarh fort is brightened with flood lights. Also, there is a special show of light and sound that illustrate the rich history of Kumbhalgarh.


Mucchal Mahavir Temple:

Muchhal Mahaveer TempleThis temple is situated in the Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary, approximately 5 km from Ghanerao. It is famous for the statue of Lord Mahavira with a moustache. Guarding the gateways of temple are the two beautiful elephant statues.


Ranakpur Jain Temple:

Ranakpur Jain TempleRanakpur temple is renowned for its incredible architectural style. It is dedicated to the Tirthankara Adinath, the first Jain spiritual leader who conquered the cycle of rebirth.



HaldighatiThe delight of Rajsamand district, Haldighati is well-known as the location of the historic battle between Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar and Raja Man Singh of Amber in the year 1576.  Besides, it is also famous for its charity rose product and the mud art of Molela.


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